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Barcelona offers some of the trendiest nightclubs and discos. The best time to go out is on Thursday, Fridays & Saturday evenings & most of the time you don't have to pay an entrance fee.

Most Popular Night Club Area's.

Plaça Reial
Take some beers at el Glaciar or el Sidecar, after that try at el Club 13 (until 03.00), after that head to el Jamboree if you like hip hop, or el Karma if you prefer independent pop-rock (until 06.00).

El Raval
El Raval is the Barcelona's most diverse area with a mixture of cultures and atmospheres. It was much neglected until recently. Actually it's full of small hip bars. Between Ramblas del Raval and Paralelo street you'll find nice fashion pubs such "Las Guindas" or " La Confitería". For those who love the kitsch ambient you'll find the area full of options such "Marseille" or "El Cangrejo". For clubbing it is a must to go to the "Moog" or to "Fellini".

El Born & La Ribera
El Born and La Ribera, is one of the trendiest areas to be in, combine the romanticism of the old city with the newly designed interiors of its numerous bars, clubs and restaurants. This area attracts couples and groups in their 30s looking for sophisticated, relaxing and intimate bars. Try the "", "suborn" and "the Magic" for dancing.

A few Venues to choose from!.

Café de L'Opera
This is a very friendly and stylish cafe' bar and has an established staff who are the quickest and most efficient waiters we've seen. The coffee is good (but not a patch on the Maison-del-Cafe) and the tapas is varied. The decor is very impressive and worth a visit for that alone.

Mau Mau Underground
Although you won't hear the traditional folk music that is made by the band with the same name, this is a popular trendy spot. However, it is very likely that you need a local to get in. Or buy yourself a bcn-nightlife card and get in without the hassle!

Salvation & La Madamme
A very cool club in the centre of Barcelona. The boys are beautiful, the girls are stunning and the transexuals are gorgeous. Salvation on Friday's and Saturday's and La Madamme on Sundays are the nights to visit. Despite it being a gay club, all the coolest and most stylish from Barcelona's nightlife flock in. There are two rooms. One with international DJs playing hard house and techno, and the other with a more commercial house theme.

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